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This page lists all Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Quotes or Qualifications (RFQ) currently advertised by the Fresno Superior Court.

Current Solicitations

Prior Solicitations

RFP 10-2022 JAN

RFQ 10-2022-BOXES

RFP 10-2022-SUPVE

Future Opportunities

The Superior Court issues Requests for Information, Quotes, and Proposals for items from technology hardware to service contracts on an as-needed basis. If you would like to be notified by e-mail of future procurement opportunities, please send an e-mail to the Procurement Division at and include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Business Name and physical address
  • Contact name, phone, fax and e-mail address
  • Type of business - please specify your product or service

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