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COVID-19 Information:

Please Visit our COVID-19 page.

Jury Scam Alert!

  The Juror Services Division does not call jurors to obtain personal information, including social security numbers and/or financial information.  If you receive a call asking for these information, do not give the caller any personal information and if possible record the caller's phone number and report the contact to both our juror office and local law enforcement.

COVID-19 Notice:

  The health and safety of our jurors and staff are important to us, so we have implemented the changes.  See Jury Service and News & Events for details. 

Fresno Superior Court General Information

Special Notice: Reduced Clerk's Office Hours

The Clerk's Office hours at all locations but B.F. Sisk are 8 AM to 4 PM. The B.F. Sisk Courthouse Clerk's Office hours are 8 AM to 3 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 8 AM to 12 PM on Fridays. Courtroom hours will not change; each will remain in session until adjourned for the day. Courthouses remain open to the public until 5 PM. The Law Library and Probation Department hours have NOT been reduced.

Due to the State budget cuts, office hours needed to be reduced to allow uninterrupted time for staff to process documents. Fewer customers will be served each day.

Drop Boxes Information

Drop Boxes can be located at the following locations:

Main Courthouse 

1100 Van Ness Avenue 
Fresno, CA 93724 
4th Floor Drop Box - Room 401

"M" Street Courthouse

2317 Tuolumne St
Fresno, CA 93721 

B. F. Sisk Courthouse

1130 O Street
Fresno, CA 93721

Anything deposited in the drop box is left at your own risk.  The court assumes no responsibility for statutory deadlines.

Documents may be deposited for Appeals, Civil, Criminal, Family Law, Probate and Traffic cases.  If personal contact with a clerk is necessary, you must return during regular business hours.  

  • There is a time clock at this Drop Box.  All documents must be time-stamped before being deposited in the Drop Box.
  • Documents time-stamped before 5 PM will be processed as of the date deposited. 
  • Documents time-stamped after 5:01 PM will be processed as of the next business day.
  • Documents not time-stamped will be processed as of the next business day.  
  • No cash payments accepted.  Check or money order only.

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