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COVID-19 Information:

Please Visit our COVID-19 page.

Jury Scam Alert!

  The Juror Services Division does not call jurors to obtain personal information, including social security numbers and/or financial information.  If you receive a call asking for these information, do not give the caller any personal information and if possible record the caller's phone number and report the contact to both our juror office and local law enforcement.

COVID-19 Notice:

  The health and safety of our jurors and staff are important to us, so we have implemented the changes.  See Jury Service and News & Events for details. 


The Archives houses over 1 million cases with some recorded as early as 1860. 

Archives Information

To maintain legal records in a systematic way that supports the integrity of our laws and court system. To recognize and appreciate the needs of those who seek our services and continually give quality customer service. To promote a positive work environment to improve organization, communication and support our staff in meeting their individual and team goals for efficient teamwork. To encourage the respect and recognition for co-workers, keep a positive attitude and give your best.

The Archives houses over 1 million cases with some recorded as early as 1860. While most visitors conduct research on more recent cases, because records dated prior to 1911 are considered historical, numerous visitors come to Archives when conducting genealogy research.

Archives Department is responsible for storing, maintaining and retrieving case files and records for the court, and operates as the court's mail distribution system. It is also responsible for record destruction/management, and microfilming of judgments and records prior to destruction.

Members of the public may receive a copy of their non-confidential files by visiting the Archives Department. The staff will pull your file(s), make copies, and certify any document(s) requested. A picture ID is required to receive any file folder.

Case Types stored at Archives include:

  • Appellate Cases
  • Civil-Limited
  • Civil-Unlimited
  • Criminal-Felonies
  • Criminal-Misdemeanors
  • Family Law
  • Family Support
  • Juvenile-Dependency
  • Probate
  • Small Claims
  • Traffic

Fee Schedule

Information regarding Copy and Certification fee for Out-of-State and all Federal Governmental Agencies for criminal case records, click here.

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