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COVID-19 Information:

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Jury Scam Alert!

  The Juror Services Division does not call jurors to obtain personal information, including social security numbers and/or financial information.  If you receive a call asking for these information, do not give the caller any personal information and if possible record the caller's phone number and report the contact to both our juror office and local law enforcement.

COVID-19 Notice:

  The health and safety of our jurors and staff are important to us, so we have implemented the changes.  See Jury Service and News & Events for details. 

Judicial Assignments

Judicial Assignments Information

Courtrooms - Downtown Location

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 1 B-2 Level David Muñoz 457-6331 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 2 B-2 Level Virna Santos 457-6332 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 10 B-1 Level Ryan I. Wells 457-6333 Domestic Violence
Dept. 11 B-1 Level Mark Cullers 457-6326 Felony Calendar
Dept. 12 B-1 Level Elizabeth Egan 457-6334 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 13 B-1 Level Robert G. Mangano 457-6335 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 20 2nd Floor Stephanie Negin 457-6336 Misdemeanor Trial Court
Dept. 21 2nd Floor Amythest Freeman 457-6337 Juvenile Dependency
Dept. 22 2nd Floor Mary D. Dolas 457-4883 Juvenile Dependency
Dept. 23 2nd Floor Kimberly Nystrom-Geist 457-4882 Juvenile Dependency
Dept. 30 3rd Floor Gabriel Brickey 457-6340 Misdemeanor Supervising Judge, Felony Calendar
Dept. 31 3rd Floor Samuel Dalesandro 457-6341 Felony Calendar
Dept. 32 3rd Floor Geoffrey D. Wilson 457-6342 Felony Calendar
Dept. 33 3rd Floor Charles Lee 457-6343 Felony Calendar
Dept. 34 3rd Floor William J. Terrence 457-6344 Felony Calendar
Dept. 50 5th Floor Brian Alvarez 457-6345 Felony Supervising Judge, General Trials
Dept. 51 5th Floor Francine Zepeda 457-6346 General Trials
Dept. 52 5th Floor Heather Mardel Jones 457-6347 General Trials
Dept. 53 5th Floor Houry A. Sanderson (PJ) 457-6348 Presiding Judge,
Bond Calendar,
Master Calendar,
Parole Calendar
Dept. 54 5th Floor Kimberly A. Gaab 457-6349 General Trials
Dept. 60 6th Floor John Vogt 457-6350 General Trials
Dept. 61 6th Floor James A. Kelley, Jr. 457-6351 General Trials
Dept. 62 6th Floor Arlan Harrell 457-6352 General Trials, Felony Law & Motion Calendar
Dept. 70 7th Floor Gary R. Orozco 457-6353 General Trials
Dept. 71 7th Floor Michael G. Idiart 457-6354 General Trials
Dept. 72 7th Floor Jon Conklin 457-6355 General Trials
Dept. 73 7th Floor Gregory T. Fain 457-6356 General Trials
Dept. 74 7th Floor Alvin Harrell, III 457-6357 General Trials

Courtrooms - Jail Annex 1225 M. Street

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 95   Monica Diaz 457-6358 Domestic Violence
Dept. 96   Noelle Pebet 457-6359 Domestic Violence

Courtroom - "M" Street Courthouse 2317 Tuolumne Street

Department / Courthouse Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 97A Brian Arax 457-6361 Probate
Dept. 97B Amy Guerra 457-6362 CRAD Calendar,
Misdemeanor Drug Court,
Veterans Court,
DUI Court,
Mental Health Diversion Court,
Behavioral Health Court,
Misdemeanor IST Court
Dept. 97C David Gottlieb 457-1732 Traffic & Juvenile Traffic
Dept. 97D Pro Tems/Retired Judges 457-6363 SARBs, Jobs 2000, Small Claims
Dept. 97E Closed 457-6364 Not Assigned

Courtrooms - B.F. Sisk Court 1130 O Street

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 201 2nd Floor Pahoua C. Lor 457-6301 Family Law
Dept. 202 2nd Floor Lisa Gamoian 457-6302 Family Law Supervising Judge
Dept. 203 2nd Floor Mary A. Vasquez 457-6311 Family Law
Dept. 204 2nd Floor Steven Crass 457-6304 Family Law
Dept. 301 3rd Floor Gary L. Green 457-6305 Family Support
Dept. 302 3rd Floor Katherine Fogarty 457-6306 Family Support
Dept. 303 3rd Floor Jennifer L. Hamilton 457-6307 Family Law
Dept. 304 3rd Floor Glenda Allen-Hill 457-4880 Family Law
Dept. 401 4th Floor Irene Luna 457-6308 Family Law Trials & Long Cause Hearings; Probate & Civil Utility Court
Dept. 402 4th Floor Daniel J. Brickey 457-6318 Civil Limited
Dept. 403 4th Floor Jonathan Skiles 457-6316 Unlimited Civil Trials
Dept. 404 4th Floor Robert M. Whalen, Jr. 457-6317 Civil Limited/Small Claims
Dept. 501 5th Floor D. Tyler Tharpe 457-6309 Unlimited Civil Trials
Dept. 502 5th Floor Kristi Culver Kapetan 457-6319 Unlimited Civil Trials
Dept. 503 5th Floor Jeff Hamilton (Asst. PJ) 457-6320 Assistant Presiding Judge, 
Civil Supervising Judge, 
Unlimited Civil Trials

Courtrooms - Juvenile Justice 3333 E American Avenue, Suite A

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 99A   Leanne Le Mon 457-6380 Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice
Dept. 99B   David Kalemkarian 457-6381 Juvenile Justice
Dept. 99C   Adolfo Corona 457-6382 Juvenile Justice
Dept. 99D   Closed 457-6383 Not Assigned

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