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Judicial Assignments

Judicial Assignments Information

Courtrooms - Downtown Location

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 1 B-2 Level William J. Terrence 457-6331 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 2 B-2 Level Leanne Le Mon 457-6332 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 10 B-1 Level Vacant 457-6332 Felony Domestic Violence
Dept. 11 B-1 Level Vacant 457-6326 Felony Domestic Violence
Dept. 12 B-1 Level Francine Zepeda 457-6334 Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 13 B-1 Level Samuel Dalesandro 457-6335 Misdemeanor Supervising Judge & Misdemeanor Trials
Dept. 20 2nd Floor David Gottlieb 457-6336 Felony Calendar
Dept. 21 2nd Floor Gary L. Green 457-6337 Juvenile Dependency
Dept. 22 2nd Floor Elizabeth Egan 457-4883 Juvenile Dependency
Dept. 23 2nd Floor Kimberly Nystrom-Geist 457-4882 Juvenile Dependency
Dept. 30 3rd Floor Heather Mardel Jones 457-6340 Felony Calendar
Dept. 31 3rd Floor Michael Idiart 457-6341 Felony Calendar
Dept. 32 3rd Floor James Kelley 457-6342 Felony Calendar
Dept. 33 3rd Floor Jon Kapetan 457-6343 Felony Calendar
Dept. 34 3rd Floor Jonathan Skiles 457-6344 Felony Calendar
Dept. 50 5th Floor Brian Alvarez 457-6345 General Trials
Dept. 51 5th Floor Timothy Kams 457-6346 General Trials
Dept. 52 5th Floor Closed 457-6347 General Trials
Dept. 53 5th Floor Houry Sanderson 457-6348 Felony Supervising Judge, General Trials
Dept. 54 5th Floor Jeff Hamilton 457-6349 General Trials
Dept. 60 6th Floor John Vogt 457-6350 General Trials
Dept. 61 6th Floor Adolfo Corona 457-6351 General Trials
Dept. 62 6th Floor Arlan Harrell (PJ) 457-6352 Presiding Judge; Felony Master Calendar; CRAD, Parole and Bond Calendars; General Trials
Dept. 70 7th Floor Gary R. Orozco 457-6353 General Trials
Dept. 71 7th Floor Gary D. Hoff 457-6354 General Trials
Dept. 72 7th Floor Jon Conklin 457-6355 General Trials
Dept. 73 7th Floor Gregory T. Fain 457-6356 General Trials
Dept. 74 7th Floor Alvin Harrell, III 457-6357 General Trials

Courtrooms - Jail Annex 1225 M. Street

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 95   Monica Diaz 457-6358 Domestic Violence
Dept. 96   Glenda Allen-Hill 457-6359 Domestic Violence

Courtroom - "M" Street Courthouse 2317 Tuolumne Street

Department / Courthouse Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 97A Closed 457-6361 Not Assigned
Dept. 97B Hilary A. Chittick 457-6362 Crad, DUI Court, Mental Health Diversion Court
Dept. 97C Jeff Bird 457-1732 Traffic & Juvenile Traffic
Dept. 97D Pro Tems/Retired Judges 457-6363 SARBs, Jobs 2000, Small Claims
Dept. 97E Closed 457-6364 Not Assigned

Courtrooms - B.F. Sisk Court 1130 O Street

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 201 2nd Floor Ryan I. Wells 457-6301 Family Law
Dept. 202 2nd Floor David Kalemkarian (Asst. PJ) 457-6302 Assistant Presiding Judge, Family Law Supervising Judge
Dept. 203 2nd Floor Cynthia Hopper 457-6311 Family Law
Dept. 204 2nd Floor Amy Guerra 457-6304 Family Law
Dept. 301 3rd Floor Noelle Pebet 457-6305 Family Support
Dept. 302 3rd Floor Jennifer L. Hamilton 457-6306 Family Support
Dept. 303 3rd Floor Brian Arax 457-6307 Probate
Dept. 304 3rd Floor Lisa Gamoian 457-4880 Family Law
Dept. 401 4th Floor Robert G. Mangano 457-6308 Family Law Trials & Long Cause Hearings; Probate & Civil Utility Court
Dept. 402 4th Floor Gabriel Brickey 457-6318 Civil Limited / Utility Court
Dept. 403 4th Floor Kristi Culver Kapetan 457-6316 Unlimited Civil Trials
Dept. 404 4th Floor Mark Cullers 457-6317 Civil Limited/Small Claims
Dept. 501 5th Floor D. Tyler Tharpe 457-6309 Unlimited Civil Trials
Dept. 502 5th Floor Rosemary McGuire 457-6319 Unlimited Civil Trials
Dept. 503 5th Floor Kimberly Gaab 457-6320 Civil Supervising Judge, Unlimited Civil Trials

Courtrooms - Juvenile Delinquency 3333 E American Avenue, Suite A

Department / Courthouse Location Judge / Commissioner Phone Number
Area Code (559)
Dept. 99A   Mary Dolas 457-6380 Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice
Dept. 99B   Ana de Alba 457-6381 Juvenile Justice
Dept. 99C   Denise Whitehead 457-6382 Juvenile Justice
Dept. 99D   Not Assigned 457-6383 Not Assigned



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