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The Specialty Collaborative Courts of Fresno County is comprised of six (6) Treatment Courts.  The primary goal of each program is to assist individuals with abstaining from the use of drugs/alcohol, increase public safety, promote family reunification and return participants to the community as productive and responsible members of society.

Each program utilizes evidence based models to ensure that all individuals receiving treatment have the best opportunity for success within the program. Court components are a combination of judicial oversight, routine hearings, intense supervision, and sanctions/incentives.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Fresno County Superior Court is to promote public safety and health by providing aggressive treatment and supervision to citizens with legal and substance abuse problems through partnerships between local government, law enforcement, the legal community and multiple community treatment agencies in a non-adversarial process.

Individuals agreeing to participate in these programs are referred to as “participants” as each person is expected to take an active role in their recovery and re-integration into society.  Participants must choose whether or not they will take an active role adhering to the requirements put in place according to their Court Orders and Treatment Case Plans.

Collaborative Treatment Court Programs

For further information on our Collaborative Programs click on the links provided below. 

  • Mental Health AB1810 Court
  • Adult Behavioral Health Court
  • Veterans Treatment Court
  • DUI Court (Driving Under the Influence)
  • Family Behavioral Health Court
  • Unity Court

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