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Juvenile Justice (Delinquency)

Juvenile Justice (Delinquency)

The Juvenile Justice court is a division of the superior court.

One of the cases involved in this division court is:

Juvenile Justice

These cases involve children who have committed law violations that, if committed by an adult, would be considered crimes.

The purpose of the Justice court is:

  • to protect, give guidance, and
  • to punish children who commit delinquent acts, and
  • to protect the community.

If a child becomes a ward of the court as a juvenile delinquent, the court will make orders for the parent and child, so that the community will be protected.

As a ward of the Juvenile Justice court:

  • A child may be allowed to reside in the family home under court supervision; or
  • A child may be placed outside of the family home in an unlocked or locked facility, depending upon the child's age, seriousness of the offense, and the child's history of Justice.

Fresno Superior Court provides interpreting services to all trial court proceedings in criminal, traffic, and juvenile justice proceedings. View information on Interpreter Services.

Juvenile Justice Case Process 

To assist you in understanding a case process within the Juvenile Justice, click the button below:

 Juvenile Justice Process

Also, click the button below to view a free brochure for parent or call the Publications Hotline at 800-900-5980:  

Judicial Council brochure, Information for Parents: Juvenile Court

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