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Small Claims Advisory

Small Claims is a court where people can exercise their rights to resolve disputes. Attorneys are not permitted to represent any side except in Small Claims appeals. 

United States citizenship is not required to file or defend a Small Claims case, but the parties must be at least 18 years old. Each claim cannot be more than $7,500.

Examples of disputes that can be settled in Small Claims court are:

  • Landlord-tenant
  • Consumer Credit and Protection
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damager
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
  • Name Change
  • Emancipations
  • Any case involving money disputes that does not exceed $7,500.

Only cases for money for actual damages can be filed in Small Claims court.

Assistance from Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau can offer assistance to those considering a Small Claims action. For additional information, contact the BBB directly or visit their website at

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