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Pay Traffic Fines Online

What is an extension?

An extension is a postponement of the original due date on a citation. Some violations are not eligible for an externsion.

Extensions of original due date to appear or pay bail

The Clerk's Office may give one 60-day extension to appear or pay bail on eligible citations that do not require a mandatory court appearance. No further extensions at the end of the 60-day period will be given. There are four options to request an extension to appear or pay bail:

  • On the Internet using our Case Information Portal: by following this Step-by-Step guide
  • By telephone: 559-457-1700
  • Written request
  • In person a the traffic clerk's office at: 2317 Tuolumne Street, Fresno, CA 93721

Please Note


If you have received a notice from GC Services - Collections, you can pay online @ https://courtpay.gcserv.com. For additional assistance, you may call 1-800-333-8395.

If you have received a notice from MSB - Collections, you can pay online @ https://www.msbselfserve.com/. For additional assistance, you may call 1-800-866-9436.

VISA and MasterCard are accepted with no additional fee
charged for this service.


To sign up for Traffic School, you understand that you have the right to be arraigned, and the right to a speedy trial. In order to attend traffic school you must freely and voluntarily give up these rights. You should be aware that any court or traffic school fee paid will not be refunded if traffic school is not completed in a timely manner. You must declare under penalty of perjury that you have not attended any traffic school, defensive driving course or any other course of instruction on a citation received within 18 months of the violation date of the current citation. You should understand that you may be subject to prosecution for perjury if you post bail and pay the $67.00 administrative fee with knowledge that the above statement is in fact false.

Payment of court fees, traffic school fees, and proof of traffic school completion is required for your citation to report to DMV as a confidential conviction.

To obtain a free list of approved Traffic Schools, please visit either the:

California Traffic Safety Institute at: www.ctsi-courtnetwork.org
DMV Occupational License Status Information System at: www.dmv.ca.gov/olinq2/welcome.do

When accessing the DMV website, click on 'Start Search', then 'Access the system', then select, 'Traffic Violator School Provider'. Select 'Go to Step 1', then select Traffic School of interest, 'Classroom Course, Home Study Course, or Internet Course'. Follow the directions to locate a traffic school. For assistance with the DMV's TVS list, call the DMV's Business Licensing Unit at (916) 229-3126.

You may attend any school on the approved lists.

Please Note


If you are pleading not guilty, you MAY NOT use this service and must submit in writing your request for a Court Trial. Bail and request must be mailed to the Court listed at the bottom of your traffic citation.

If you were cited for fix-it violation(s), you MAY NOT use this service. The amount owing will be less when providing the Court with proof of correction. You can use this web address to submit your request for the reduced bail amount due to proof of correction


After you sign up for Traffic School, we will respond back to you within 3-4 weeks with information regarding Traffic School, which will include your due date.