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COVID-19 Information:

Please Visit our COVID-19 page.  For Courtroom Live Streams click here.

COVID-19 Information:

Visite nuestra página sobre COVID-19.  Para las transmisiones en vivo de la sala de la corte, haga clic aquí.

Remote Video Proceedings (RVP)

About Remote Video Proceedings (RVP)

In a collaborative project with the City of Coalinga, the Fresno Superior Court is conducting Remote Video Proceedings (RVP) where appearances can be made in traffic court by videoconference from the city of Coalinga. This free service is for people who must travel more than 15 miles from the location where they reside to the M Street Courthouse in downtown Fresno. 

Until further notice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Remote Video Proceedings (RVP) in Coalinga remains temporarily closed. Please continue to check our website for information on when this service will re-start.

How RVP Works

The City of Coalinga conducts remote proceedings every Wednesday morning. There is a large room similar to a courtroom equipped with wide-screen camera, a large television monitor and microphones. The people in Coalinga will connect by videoconference to a courtroom in the M Street Courthouse with the same equipment. Everyone, including defendants and the judge, will be able to see, hear, and speak to each other through this video connection.

On RVP days, the court will have an employee in Coalinga and Mendota to conduct roll call as well as gather documents from defendants and law enforcement officers. After that, the court will proceed as in a traditional traffic hearing, only it will be held via videoconference. The Fresno Superior Court will know in advance if an interpreter is needed and will ensure that one is present in Coalinga prior to the start of RVP.

Requesting a Remote Appearance

To request RVP arraignment AND trial on the same day, defendants file a Notice and Waiver of Rights and Request for Remote Video Arraignment and Trial (English form TR-505).

To request RVP for arraignment OR trial on separate days, defendants may file a Notice and Waiver of Rights and Request for Remote Video Proceedings (English form TR-510).

Witness and Citing Officer Appearances

Witnesses testifying in support of defendants must appear at the same locations as those defendants.

In cases in which defendants have chosen to appear remotely, citing officers may attend court in the same location as the defendant or they can request to appear in the Fresno courtroom by submitting form PTR-506 after receiving their subpoenas. In those cases, witnesses for the citing officers may appear in either location.

It is the Court’s preference that all exhibits intended to be used at the remote video trial be submitted prior to the hearing date so they will be available at the Court location for the judge’s reference. All exhibits shall be accompanied by form PTR-507 to assist in identifying the case associated with the exhibits.

Links to More Information and Forms

DEFENDANTS click the links for:

  • Instructions to Defendant for Remote Video Proceeding (English form TR-500-INFO)
  • Notice and Waiver of Rights and Request for Remote Video Arraignment and Trial (English form TR-505) to request RVP in Coalinga for BOTH arraignment and trial on the same day.
  • Notice and Waiver of Rights and Request for Remote Video Proceeding (English form TR-510) to request RVP in Coalinga or Mendota for arraignment OR trial on separate days.

CLICK HERE or button below to see the State Rule of Court for RVP.

2021 California Rules of Court

CLICK HERE to see the Fresno Superior Court Rule of Court for RVP.

Remote Video Proceedings FAQ

Coalinga Location

Address: 160 W Elm Ave., Coalinga, CA 93210
Day of Operation: Wednesday, excluding holidays
Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Hours of same day walk-in scheduling: You must check-in by 9:00 a.m.

The RVP locations will provide the following streamlined services:

  • Place case(s) on calendar to be heard the same day.
  • Place case(s) on calendar to be heard on a future date.
  • One time 90 day extension from initial citation due date.
  • One time 90 day extension for the lifetime of payment plan.
  • Obtain general information regarding case(s).
  • Provide forms for court services to be completed and submitted with payment via US Mail.
    • Instructions to Defendant for Remote Video Proceedings (TR-500)
    • Notice and Waiver of Rights and Request for Remote Video Proceedings (TR-510)
    • Notice of Exhibits Associated With Remote Video Trial (FTR-507)
    • Request to Appear in Court Instead of Remote Location (FTR-506)
    • Trial by Written Declaration Instructions to Defendant (TR-200)
    • Request for Trial by Written Declaration (TR-205)
    • Request for New Trial (Trial De Novo) (TR-220)
    • Information on Appeal Procedures for Infractions (CR-141)
    • Notice of Appeal and Record of Oral Proceedings for Infractions (CR-142)
    • Proposed Statement on Appeal for Infractions (CR-143)
    • Abandonment of Appeal for Infractions (CR-145)
    • Application and Order to Vacate Civil Assessment (TR-25)
    • Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail in Installments (TR-300)

No. An envelope will be provided; customer will be given 2 weeks to submit payment.

In person:

Mailed to:

Traffic Clerk's Office

Fresno Superior Court

2317 Tuolumne Street

1100 Van Ness Avenue

Fresno, CA 93721-1220

Fresno, CA 93724-0002


Attn: Traffic Division

Yes, but only if customers submit payment within 2 weeks of the proceeding.

The minute orders will be printed and provided to the defendants at the RVP location.

No, appearing at the RVP location is an option and not a requirement for the defendant.

Yes, only if the defendant has requested to appear at a remote location. The officer must submit a (Form# PTR-506). The officer may not appear at a remote location if the defendant has not requested to appear at a remote location.

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