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Failure to Appear or Failure to Pay Violations

This section provides you information when you fail to appear in court (FTA), fail to pay your fine (FTP) and how to clear a hold on your driver’s license and dealing with your case in collections.

What happens if I fail to appear or pay my fine by the due date?

  • A warrant may be ordered and issued for your arrest.
  • A civil penalty of $300 may be imposed pursuant to PC 1214.1.
  • A hold/suspension being placed on your driver’s license pursuant to VC 40509.5a.
  • You may be tried in absentia (in your absence)
  • You may be subject to referral to a collection agency including wage garnishments and levies.

What is a Civil Assessment?

Pursuant to Penal Code §1214.1, an additional $300 Civil Assessment fee may be added to your cases when you fail to appear and/or when you fail to pay your court ordered fine.

You may request that the Court vacate the Civil Assessment fee by filing an Application and Order to Vacate Civil Assessment upon a showing of good cause (i.e. hospitalization, incarceration, out of state military duty). Written documentation must be submitted with the Application along with posting the delinquent amount.

It is important that you provide the Court with a correct address and phone number to ensure you receive the Court’s decision on your request to Vacate the Civil Assessment. To access the application and instructions click here

How do I take care a DMV Hold?

If your driver’s license or registration has been placed on hold by the Court with the Department of Motor Vehicles you may be able to pay the full bail amount to clear or release the hold.¬† The Court will customarily notify the Department of Vehicles within 10 days of your compliance to release the hold.

Contact the Court for further information.

What if my case is in collections?

If your case is with GC Services for collection you may contact them at:

GC Services Collection Agency
Toll Free Number: 1-800-333-8395 (English)
                         1-800-511-0734 (Spanish)

Payment Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 7835, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Local GC Office:
2317 Tuolumne Street, Fresno CA 93721


If your case is with MSB Services for collection you may contact them at:

MSB Services Collection Agency
Toll Free Number: 1-800-866-9436

Local MSB Office:
1100 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno CA 93724


If your case is with the Franchise Tax Board for collection you may contact them at:

Franchise Tax Board
Court Ordered Debt Collection Program
P. O. Box 1328
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1328
Telephone: (916) 845-4064

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