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Investigative Fees

Assessment of Investigative Fees

Pursuant to Probate Code 1513.1(a), each court or county shall assess (1) the parent, parents, or other person charged with the support and maintenance of the ward or proposed ward, and (2) the guardian, proposed guardian, or the estate of the ward or proposed ward, for court or county expenses incurred for any investigation or review conducted by the court investigator, probation officer, or domestic relations investigator.

Investigative Fees

To view the probate investigative fee amounts set by court, refer to Line #159 and #161, CLICK HERE

Requesting Monthly Installments of Investigative Fees

Responsible parties may request to pay their investigative fee(s) in monthly installments by submitting a Payment Agreement Form to the Probate Clerk’s Office.  The minimum monthly payment is $50.00 and the account can be paid in advanced if desired.  To retrieve the Payment Agreement Form, CLICK HERE.   Monthly billing statements will be sent to the address on record.  It is imperative that you notice the Probate Clerk’s Office of any change of address.


Balances on accounts that are 90-days delinquent, are sent to GC Services; a collection agency.
If your case is at Collections, the Court will no longer accept payment.  Your payment can be mailed to the address indicated below, made in person at the local GC Service’s Office or you can elect to pay online.

GC Service Collection Agency

Payment Mailing Address:  Post Office Box 7835, Baldwin Park, CA  91706

Local GC Office:  2317 Tuolumne Street, Fresno CA 93721

Internet Payment:

Toll Free Number:  1-800-727-5848 (English)
Toll Free Number:  1-800-616-6007 (Spanish)



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