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Paperless Court Reporter Transcripts

The Fresno Superior Court is kicking off a Pilot Project on July 1, 2014 to provide Court Reporter Transcripts electronically in criminal, juvenile delinquency and dependency cases. The court reporter transcripts will be uploaded to YesLaw, a secure online document repository, and an email will be generated for all parties selected for service. Within the body of the email will be a hyperlink to the YesLaw website. Additionally, the email will contain a password that will entered on the YesLaw website to allow access the transcript. Transcripts may be viewed within the YesLaw site or downloaded to a computer, laptop or tablet as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. This PDF format has helpful features which allow word and phrase searches, the ability to cut and paste, and highlight, in addition to other options.

In order for you to take advantage of this new change in processing, an email address is needed. To be added to the service directory, please submit your name and email address to

For suggestions on how to administrate the electronic transcript delivery using email systems please read, Guide for Electronic Transcript Receipt Management


  Court Reporter Directory

Directory Listing

Court Reporter Guidelines

Guide for Official Reporters Pro Tempore


Authorization Form for Court Reporter Directory
Order Appointing Court Approved Reporter as Official Reporter Pro Tempore
Stipulation and Order to Use Certified Shorthand Reporter

Technical Configuration Guides

Software/Hardware Configuration Requirements for Fresno County Superior Court
~ At this time, the court is not supporting wireless transmission for real-time. If real-time is used, it must be a wired connection. ~

  Court Reporter Notes Delivery Locations - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

Physical Media:
Court Reporter Manager
1100 Van Ness Avenue
4th Floor, Room 402
Fresno, CA 93724-0002
Attn. CSR Notes

Please label media with the following:

  • Name
  • CSR number
  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Date(s) of proceeding
  • Number of files
  • Type of stenographic machine and CAT software used
  • Current telephone number and E-mail address

Email Delivery:
Subject Line must reference: CSR Notes
Your email must include your name, CSR number, Case number, date of the proceedings of the attached file(s), number of files transmitted, type of stenographic machine and software used, and telephone number.

Please Note - this email address is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. Not to be used to request court reporter transcripts or hire pro tempore court reporters. Emails will not be responded to.

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