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Fax Filing

Procedure for Document Filings by Fax

The Clerk's Office can accept filings by fax, if the proper procedures are followed. See California Rule of Court 2.300 et seq., Local Rule 4.1.6.
  1. All documents filed by fax must be typed, and must conform to the format set forth in CRC 2.100 and 2.300.
  2. The document must be faxed with a facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet, pursuant to CRC 2.304(b). See below for a link to the Fax Filing Cover Sheet.
    1. The fax filing account number for the faxing party must be on the cover sheet.
    2. The total number of pages received should match the number of pages stated on the cover sheet.
    3. If there is no cover sheet, or the sheet is incompletely filled out, the document will be mailed back unfiled.
  3. Fees are $1.00 per page of the document, including copies of the document, but excluding the fax cover sheet and any processing instructions. However, parties do not have to pay the $1.00 per page fee for stipulations to continue trials or motions.
    1. The faxing party must have established a fax filing account in advance to pay fees. A minimum deposit of $1,000.00 will be required to open a fax filing account for payment of filing fees and transmittal costs. A minimum deposit of $100.00 may be accepted for transmittal fees only. Checks should be made out to Fresno County Courts. Checks can be sent to:
    2. Fresno Superior Court, Accounting Department
      1100 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
      Fresno, CA 93724
      (559) 457-2150
    3. If the party's fax filing account has insufficient funds to cover the cost of faxing and any related filing fee, then the filing is null and void.
    4. In the case of insufficient funds for the filing, the accountant will contact the clerk and the clerk will retrieve the document, strike the filing and return it to the filing party by mail.
    5. Waivers of court fees and costs do not apply to the cost of faxing the document. However, to Local Rule 4.1.6, fax filings in criminal and traffic cases are exempt from the filing fee requirements. Pursuant to Government Code 26857, government agencies are not required to pay filing fees for fax filings and therefore do not have to open their own fax filing accounts.
  4. The document must have the notation "By Fax" written immediately below the title of the document. Documents submitted without this notation are incomplete and cannot be filed.
  5. If the party wishes to have conformed copies, the party must fax additional copies with the original documents.
    1. Clerks will not make photocopies of fax filings for the purpose of providing additional conformed copies.
    2. Conformed copies may be picked up at the appropriate filing section, or in the runner's box. The clerk's office will not mail the copies to the faxing party.
  6. The party filing by fax has the responsibility of keeping the original documents in his or her possession or control. See CRC 2.305. If the filing party later submits the original document for filing, the clerk can send it back.
  7. Fax filings received Monday-Thursday by 3:00 p.m. will be file stamped as of that day. Fax filings received on Friday by 12:00 PM Noon will be filed stamped as of that day. A filing is considered to be received at the time the last page of the document is received. Any filings received after business hours shall be considered filed as of the next day.

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Fax Filing Cover Sheet

Click here to download the Fax Filing Cover Sheet.

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