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Case Information

Welcome to Fresno Superior Courtís Case Management and Information System (Court Connect ©). This site is intended to assist you in accessing case information for the following departments: Civil General, Civil Limited, Family Law, Probate, and Small Claims without having to visit the courthouse. Only case information allowed by law to be viewed by the public will be displayed. If you are an attorney or party in a case not publicly available for viewing, you will have to come down to the courthouse to view the case.

Please Note

Unlawful Detainer cases are not available for sixty days after the complaint is filed with the court. In cases filed in the Civil Department, the three initials of the judge assigned to the case are being listed at the end of the case number on documents and notices. (Example: 03CECG00001SJK) These initials are not part of the case number in the computer system, and you should not use them in searching for information. Leave the three initials off when entering the case number to search for information. (For the case number in the example above, you would enter 03CECG00001 in the Case ID field).

Please be advised that the jury or non-jury information displayed in the Case Description may not be accurate. Check the Case Event Schedule for the type of trial set: Court or Jury.

Case information is updated daily and is a separate program from this website.


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