Section   Level DESCRIPTION
20   M Unlawful to make false statements $100.00
31   M Unlawful to give false information to officer $100.00
1808 .45 M Unauthorized disclosure of DMV records $1,000.00
2468 (a) M Failure of licensed renderer to keep written records of inedible kitchen grease $200.00
2468 (b) M Refusal of licensed renderer or registered transporter to exhibit required record or destruction of required record $500.00
2800 (a) M Refusal to obey peace officer $50.00
2800 (b) M Refusal to comply with peace officer's out-of-service order $200.00
2800 (c) M Refusal to comply with U.S. Secretary of DOT's out-of-service order $200.00
2800 (d) M Refusal to comply with out-of-service order by specified person $200.00
2800 .1(a,b) M Fleeing peace officer prohibited $2,000.00
2800 .2(a) M Fleeing peace officer-reckless driving with disregard for safety involved $5,000.00
2800 .3 M Fleeing peace officer/causing injury $10,000.00
2800 .4 M Driving opposite to direction of lawfully moving traffic while fleeing peace officer $5,000.00
2801   M Refusal to obey firefighter prohibited $50.00
2803 (a) M Refusal to adjust unsafe or unlawful load $50.00
2803 (b) M Failure to submit weight certificate or bill of lading to officer $50.00
2813   M Commercial vehicle inspection required $25.00
4461 (b) M Improper use of disabled person placard $250.00
4461 (c) M Improper display/presentation of disabled person placard $250.00
4461 (d) M Improper use of special identification plate $250.00
4462 .5 M Unlawful display of evidence of registration with intent to avoid compliance $150.00
4463 (b)(1-3), (c) M Unlawful forgery, passing, possession, sale, or display of disabled person placard with fraudulent intent $500.00
5753 (a-d) M Failure of commercial dealer to deliver certificate of ownership and registration card to transferee $150.00
5753 (f) M Failure of licensed dealer upon written request to disclose pertinent information $150.00
5901 (a) M Failure of dealer or lessor-retailer to provide notice of transfer to DMV within 5 calendar days of sale $150.00
5901 (b) M Failure to record actual mileage on DMV notice of transfer form $150.00
5901 (c) M Noncompliance with mileage recording requirement by person other than dealer in possession of vehicle $150.00
8802   M Failure to return evidence of registration to DMV upon cancellation, suspension, or revocation when committed with intent to defraud $300.00
8804   M Failure by California resident to pay California registration while registering vehicle in a foreign jurisdiction and operating vehicle in California $150.00
9872   M (Boating violation)Defacing, destroying, or altering hull ID number $80.00
10501    (a) M False report of vehicle theft with intent to deceive $300.00
10750   (a) M Unauthorized alteration of vehicle numbers or identification marks $200.00
10751  (a) M Knowing purchase, sale, or possession of vehicle with removed, defaced, altered, or destroyed registration or identification numbers $300.00
10851  (a) M Driving or taking vehicle without consent of owner with intent to deprive owner of title or possession of vehicle $1,500.00
10851 .5 M Theft of binder chains $1,000.00
10852   M Injuring or tampering with vehicle or contents without consent of owner $300.00
10853   M Climbing onto, attempting to manipulate, or tampering with unattended vehicle with intent to commit malicious injury, mischief, or crime $500.00
10854   M Tampering with, driving, or removing any part of vehicle by bailee $300.00
11500   M Conducting business as automobile dismantler without valid permit/license and official place of business $250.00
11520 (a) M Failure of licensed auto dismantler to provide required notice to DMV and DOJ within required time $150.00
11700   M Acting as dealer, remanufacturer, manufacturer, transporter, or distributor without a valid license $250.00
11713 (a-d) M False advertising by dealer $250.00
11713 (e) M Engage in business without required bond $250.00
11713 (f) M Engage in business without maintaining established place of business $250.00
11713 (g) M Failure to include fee for licensing and transfer of title as added cost in selling price $250.00
11713 (h) M Employ or fail to report unlicensed salesperson $250.00
11713 (i) M Deliver vehicle for operation on California highways that fails to meet code requirements $250.00
11713 (j) M Permit or engage in the unauthorized use of special plates $250.00
11713 (k) M Falsely advertise that no down payment is necessary $250.00
11713 (l) M Failure to pay full sales tax due to IRS $250.00
11713 (m) M Permit unauthorized use of dealer's license by non-dealer $250.00
11713 (n) M Permit unauthorized use of dealer's license by non-dealer $250.00
11713 (o) M Disconnecting or resetting odometer by dealer $250.00
11713 (p) M Acceptance of deposit by licensee without availability of vehicle as required $250.00
11713 (q) M Consignment of new vehicle for sale to another dealer $250.00
11713 (r) M Display of vehicle for sale at place not authorized by DMV for dealer $250.00
11713 (s) M Advertisement of vehicle by dealer using photo with different year, make, or model $250.00
11713 (t) M Failure of dealer to disclose in ad previous use of vehicle $250.00
11713 .17(a,b) M Violation by dealer, manufacturer, or distributor of requirements for securing front license on vehicle $150.00
11725 (a) M Removal of vehicle to foreign jurisdiction for registration $150.00
11725 (b) M Failure to remove license plates from vehicle if known that vehicle to be exported to foreign jurisdiction $150.00
11800   M Conduct of business as vehicle salesperson without valid license $250.00
12110 (a) M Providing or requesting a commission, gift, or compensation consideration of arranging or requesting the services of a tow truck $1,000.00
12110 (c) M Exchange of valuable consideration between towing service or employee of towing service and repair shop or employee of repair shop for the delivery or arranging of delivery of a vehicle for storage or repair $1,000.00
12500 (a) M Unlawful to drive unless licensed $100.00
12515 (b) M Minor under 21 employed to drive in interstate commerce or carry hazardous materials $200.00
12517 (a)(2) M Operation of school bus without certificate in possession while transporting pupils $250.00
12517 (b) M Operation of school pupil activity bus without certificate in possession while transporting pupils $250.00
12519 (a) M Unlawful to drive without farm labor vehicle license $80.00
12951 (b) M Refusal to present license to officer $50.00
13004 (a-g) M Identification card - unlawful use $50.00
13004 .1(a) M Manufacture/sale of fraudulent ID $1,000.00
14601 (a) M Driving while suspended or revoked $300.00
14601 .1(a) M Driving while suspended or revoked for offenses not related to driving ability $300.00
14601 .2(a,b) M Driving while suspended or revoked for driving under influence of alcohol/drugs $500.00
14601 .3(a) M Accumulation of driver record history by habitual traffic offender during period of license suspension or after revocation $1,000.00
14601 .4(a) M Causing bodily injury while driving with suspended license $500.00
14601 .5(a,b) M Driving when privilege suspended or revoked for refusing chemical test or driving with excessive blood alcohol $500.00
14604 (a) M Knowingly allow another to drive vehicle without valid driver's license $150.00
14610 (a)(1-8) M Unlawful use of license defined $100.00
14610 .1(a) M Manufacture/sale of fraudulent ID prohibited $1,000.00
15501   M Presentation of false driver's license by minor $150.00
16030 (a) M False evidence of financial responsibility $750.00
16560 (a,b) M Violation of interstate highway carrier requirements $300.00
20001 (a) M Duty to stop when involved in accident with injury or death $1,000.00
20002 (a,b) M Hit and run - property damage $300.00
20003   M Failure to provide required information or render necessary assistance to occupants of struck vehicle with accident resulting in injury or death $250.00
21200 .5 M Bicyclist riding under the influence $150.00
21464 (d) M Willful interference with traffic device or willful use, possession, or distribution of traffic interference device that results in injury or death $5,000.00
21651 (b) M Driving wrong way on divided highway $80.00
21651 (c) M Willfully driving wrong way on divided highway and causing injury or death $1,000.00
21655 .9(c) M Operate or own vehicle that displays low-emission decal not issued for the vehicle $250.00
21702 (a,b) M Limitation on driving hours $100.00
21713   M Armored car without license $90.00
21963   M Blind pedestrians right-of-way $500.00
22406 .1 M Maximum speed for commercial vehicles-in excess of speed limit by 15 MPH or more $300.00
22513 (b,c) M Tow cars - parking on freeway restricted $35.00
22658 (g) M Failure of tow company or driver on request by owner or owner's agent to release vehicle not yet in transit $250.00
22658 (i)(1)(B) M Failure to make rate approved by CHP available for inspection within 24 hours of request $1,000.00
22658 (j)(2) M Charging excessive rate for towing service or storage $1,000.00
22658 (k)(1,2) M Refusal of credit card by storage facility for payment of charges for towed vehicle $1,000.00
22658 (l) M Violation by tow company of requirements for removal of vehicle from private property $1,000.00
22658 (m) M Failure of tow company to provide notice of removal of vehicle as required $250.00
23103 (a,b) M Reckless driving $2,000.00
23104*   M Reckless driving - bodily injury $5,000.00
23105 (a) M Reckless driving - specific injury $10,000.00
23109*   M Engaging in speed contests prohibited $2,000.00
23109 .1 M Engaging in speed contest - specific injury $10,000.00
23110 (a) M Throwing substance at vehicle prohibited $250.00
23112 .5(a) M Hazardous materials - notification of agency required $2,000.00
23127   M Motor vehicle on riding/hiking trails prohibited $50.00
23152*   M Driving under influence of alcohol/drugs $5,000.00
23153*   M Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs causing injury $7,500.00
23222 (b) M Possession of marijuana by driver $70.00
23224 (a,b) M Possession of alcohol by minor prohibited $100.00
23247 (a-e) M Unlawful to rent/loan vehicle; solicit someone to engage required interlock device; blow into device/start; tamper with vehicle requiring interlock device $1,000.00
23253   M Failure to obey CHP or DOT officers at vehicle crossing $50.00
23332   M Trespass on vehicular crossing prohibited $50.00
24002 .5(a) M Unlawful operation of a farm labor vehicle $1,000.00
24011 .3(a) M Passenger vehicle manufacturer willfully fails to affix bumper strength notice or willfully misstates information in the notice $200.00
24011 .3(c)(2) M Willful defacement, alteration, or removal of new vehicle bumper strength notice prior to delivery of the vehicle $200.00
27150 .1 M Sale of exhaust systems restricted $50.00
27362 (a) M Sale of nonapproved child restraint system prohibited $200.00
28050   M Advertisement, sale, use, or installation of device causing motor vehicle odometer to register mileage other than true mileage driven $200.00
28050 .5 M Operation of motor vehicle knowing the odometer is disconnected or nonfunctional with intent to defraud $200.00
28051   M Disconnecting, Turning back, or resetting odometer of motor vehicle $200.00
28051 .5 M Advertisement, sale, or use of device designed for purpose of turning back or resetting odometer of motor vehicle to reduce mileage indicated $200.00
28150 (d) M Possession of four or more radar jamming devices $200.00
31303 (b-e) M Violating requirements for transportation of hazardous waste $300.00
31401 (b) M Farm labor buses and trucks - inspection required $500.00
31401 (d) M Willful rental or use by owner or contractor of farm labor vehicle without CHP inspection per VC 31401(b) $1,000.00
31402 (a) M Operation of unsafe farm labor vehicle prohibited $1,000.00
31403   M Mechanic certification of farm labor vehicle required $500.00
31602 (a-c) M Transportation of explosives - license, routes to be used, stopping specified $1,000.00
31607 (a) M Inspection of vehicle required $1,000.00
31609   M Record of inspection required $1,000.00
31610 (a-e) M Proper equipment, maintenance of vehicle required $1,000.00
31611   M Proper maps of route of vehicle required $1,000.00
31612   M Carry and display shipping instructions $1,000.00
31613   M Prohibited explosive cargoes defined $1,000.00
31614 (a,b,d,e,h) M Transport explosives through local route; congested areas; with unenclosed, uncovered loads; while smoking or with open flame $1,000.00
31614 (c,g) M Loading explosives without motor stopped, brakes set; vehicle transporting explosives left unattended $1,000.00
31614 (f,i) M Driving with explosives in vehicle near/through fires in passenger vehicle $1,000.00
32000 .5(a) M Hazardous materials transportation - company unlicensed $1,000.00
32000 .5(d) M Fireworks transportation - failure to carry license or present as required $1,000.00
32001 (c) M Hazardous material - motor carrier directing transportation unlawfully $1,000.00
32002 (a) M Violations of Division 14.1 regulations $1,000.00
32002 (b) M Unlicensed transportation of hazardous materials $2,000.00
33000   M Violation of shipment regulations for the transportation of radioactive materials $1,000.00
34100   M Illegal operation of tank vehicle transporting hazardous waste or flammable and combustible liquids on a public highway $1,000.00
34501 (e) M Operation of bus without current inspection by CHP $200.00
34501 .12(e-h) M Motor carrier inspection terminal requirement $100.00
34501 .3(a) M Unlawful scheduling of runs by motor carriers $200.00
34505 (a-c) M Violation of tour bus inspection and repair requirements $200.00
34505 .5(a-c) M Violation of motor carrier vehicle inspection and repair requirements $200.00
34505 .9(a)(4)(D) M Violation of inermodal roadability inspection program $200.00
34506 (a) M Driver's hours of service $500.00
34506 (b) M Failure to comply with specified regulation of hazardous material $200.00
34506 (c) M Failure to comply with specified regulation of school buses $200.00
34506 (d) M Failure to comply with specified regulation of youth buses $200.00
34506 (e) M Failure to comply with specified regulation of tour buses $200.00
34506 (f) M Failure to comply with specified regulation of described vehicles $200.00
34506 (g) M Failure to comply with specified regulation of school pupil activity buses $200.00
34623 (h) M Motor carrier of property operating vehicle while permit suspended $200.00
34623 (i)(1) M Motor carrier of property with suspended permit allowing any vehicles subject to suspension based on failure to maintain to be operated by another carrier $500.00
34623 (i)(2) M Motor carrier of property knowingly utilizing a vehicle from a motor carrier whose permit is suspended based on a failure to maintain any vehicle $300.00
35550 (a) M Maximum weight on single axle or wheels See overweight chart below
35551 (a,b) M Computation of allowable gross weight See overweight chart below
35551 .5(b-d) M Violation of gross weight computation method prescribed for combinations containing trailer/semitrailer by more than 4,500 pounds See overweight chart below
35554   M Gross weight more than 20,500 pounds on any one axle of a bus and more than 4,500 pounds over weight limit See overweight chart below
35600   M Noncompliance with solid tire gross weight limitation standards by more than 4,500 pounds See overweight chart below
35601   M Noncompliance with metal tire gross weight limitation standards by more than 4,500 pounds See overweight chart below
35655 (a) M Operation of vehicle on highway containing load exceeding maximum weight highway is designed to sustain by more than 4,500 pounds See overweight chart below
35712   M Violation of county ordinance prohibiting commercial vehicles exceeding certain weight limitations by more than 4,500 pounds in residential area See overweight chart below
35753 (a) M Operation of vehicle over bridge, causeway, viaduct, trestle, or dam in vehicle containing load exceeding the maximum weight the structures will safely sustain by more than 4,500 pounds See overweight chart below
35784 (a) M Failure to obey permit terms and designated route for extra-legal load $100.00
35784 (b) M Violation of special permit requirements $150.00
35784 (c) M Extra-legal load not on designated route $100.00
35784 .5(a) M Transportation of extra-legal load without permit $150.00
35785 (b) M Violation of single saw log hauling speed limit of 15 MPH over bridge or causeway or 25 MPH on highway $150.00
35786 (b) M Operation of truck booster power unit in noncompliance with route specifications and time limitations set by permit $100.00
35790 (g) M Failure to carry appropriate permits, certificates, and notices required for movement of manufactured homes $100.00
35790 (h) M Violation of terms, conditions, or limitations specified in manufactured-home transportation permits $100.00
38316 (a) M Reckless driving of off-highway motor vehicle $150.00
38317   M Reckless driving of off-highway motor vehicle causing injury $300.00
38318 (a) M Throwing substance at off-highway motor vehicle $300.00
38318 .5 M Malicious removal or alteration of markers or signs $300.00
38319   M Operation of off-highway motor vehicle likely to cause damage $300.00
40001 (c) M Violation by employer of out-of-service order $300.00
40001 (d) M Employer allows, permits, requires, or authorizes driver to operate commercial motor vehicle in violation of railroad-highway grade crossing statute or regulation $2,000.00
40005   M Employer undertakes responding to employee driver's citation and inaction by employer results in issuance of warrant for employee $200.00
40504 (b) M Signing written promise to appear with false name $250.00
40508 (a-c) M Violation of promise to appear, promise to pay $50.00
40519 (c) M Failure to appear at time of trial after pleading not guilty in writing $50.00
40614   M Use of fictitious name prohibited $100.00
40616   M Violation of promise to correct $100.00
42005 (i) M Failure to attend court-ordered TVS $75.00
  OVERWEIGHT CHART:  (Per VC 42030.1)
  1,001-1500          $250.00
  1,501-2000 $300.00
  2,001-2,500 $350.00
  2,501-3,000 $400.00
  3,001-3,500 $450.00
  3,501-4,000 $500.00
4,001-4,500 $550.00
4,501-5,000 $600.00
5,001-6,000 $700.00
6,001-7,000 $800.00
7,001-8,000 $900.00
8,001-10,000 $1,000.00
10,001 and over $2,000.00
  * All subsections of code section carry that bail amount.